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Israeli Tech Companies:
A Beacon of Global Innovation & Resilience

Israeli technology companies are renowned worldwide for their unparalleled innovation, leading the charge across diverse domains such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and clean tech. This vibrant ecosystem, dubbed the ‘Startup Nation,’ thrives on a culture of bold entrepreneurship and groundbreaking advancements. Our unique position within this ecosystem affords us insights into the most relevant and promising deal flows, ensuring we connect our partners and investors with opportunities that are not just viable but are poised for substantial growth. By bridging these pioneering companies with growth avenues in the Americas, we do more than facilitate business expansion; we enable the cross-pollination of transformative ideas and technologies poised to tackle global challenges.

Miami & South Florida: Gateway for Expansion to the Americas

The rise of Miami and South Florida as central hubs for technology and innovation marks a new era for the tech landscape in the Americas. Beyond economic growth, Miami’s evolution into the gateway to Latin America signifies a burgeoning opportunity for cross-border innovation and market penetration. Our strategic initiatives are perfectly aligned with this vision, making Miami the starting point for Israeli tech companies looking to make inroads into Latin American markets. With a comprehensive toolkit for not just capital investment but also sustained growth, we have laid down the building blocks to support these companies’ expansion efforts. Through strategic investments and tailored investor events in South Florida, we are not merely creating pathways for capital infusion but also nurturing an ecosystem where innovation meets opportunity, growth, and scalability across the Americas.

Our Team

Managing Partners

Bo Megginson


Bo Megginson is managing partner of the Gold Coast Angel Investors (GCAI) in Miami. GCAI launched in
April 2019, and as of February 2024 has 15 portfolio companies, including Israeli tech companies
generated with Smart Ventures City (Israeli tech accelerator). He worked in angel investing since 2012
and participated in 70+ deals, deploying $50+ million.

Oded Eliashiv


A serial entrepreneur with a track record of leading companies from inception to success, I’ve transitioned from CEO to investor, managing 30 portfolio companies. As the pioneer of Israel’s first PropTech and ConTech early-stage fund, I excel in “company building,” actively fostering growth. My vision for Nova Gesher Ventures merges this expertise with a passion for bridging Israeli innovation with the Americas.

Our Partners: A Network of Shared Vision and Values

A Spectrum of Collaborative Excellence

Join Our Expanding Network

We are continuously looking to expand our network with partners who are as passionate about innovation and growth as we are. By joining us, you become part of a community dedicated to transforming the global tech landscape, one successful venture at a time.