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Connecting Horizons: Explore Our Events

Welcome to our Events hub, where innovation, investment, and collaboration converge. Dive into our curated gatherings that bring together the brightest minds in tech from Israel, the Americas, and beyond. From exclusive investor-only events to dynamic partner expos and influential conferences, each occasion is designed to forge lasting connections, uncover new opportunities, and catalyze growth. Join us on this journey of discovery and impact.

Upcoming Events

As part of our commitment to showcasing the best of Israeli technology on global stages, we actively participate in and organize partner events such as the eMerge Americas conference. At these gatherings, we manage pavilions dedicated to Israeli innovation, offering a spotlight for companies to shine on the international arena. These events are key opportunities for startups to network, gain exposure, and forge significant partnerships, reinforcing our role as an active gateway to new markets.

There are no upcoming events at this time

Upcoming Investor Events: Exclusive Investment Opportunities

Our investor-only events are tailored to present meticulously vetted Israeli tech companies poised for expansion into the Americas. Showcasing two standout companies at each event, we provide our network of accredited investors with unparalleled access to potential investment opportunities. These gatherings are not just events; they are carefully designed platforms for growth, investment, and strategic advancement, ensuring that every company presented aligns with our rigorous criteria for innovation, market potential, and readiness for expansion.

Past Events: Celebrating Successes

Dive into the highlights of our past events, where we’ve brought together investors, innovators, and partners to celebrate and invest in groundbreaking Israeli technology. Each event is a testament to the potential that lies in bridging diverse markets and industries. Through engaging panels, pitch sessions, and networking opportunities, we’ve seen firsthand the dynamic synergy that propels companies to global success.