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Home » Celebrating the Inaugural Success: Nova Gesher Ventures’ First Investor Event (September 12-13, 2023)

Celebrating the Inaugural Success: Nova Gesher Ventures’ First Investor Event (September 12-13, 2023)

In the heart of Miami, a city known for its vibrant culture and burgeoning tech scene, Nova Gesher Ventures embarked on a pioneering journey. Our inaugural investor event not only set the stage for a transformative series aimed at introducing revenue-generating Israeli companies to the US market but also marked the beginning of a promising pathway through the dynamic gateway of Miami.

A Mission Brought to Life

Our mission was crystal clear from the outset: to facilitate the entry and growth of innovative Israeli tech companies in the US and Latin American markets by securing the necessary capital and establishing a strong presence. This event was the first of many, with the ambitious goal of supporting at least three dozen Israeli companies over the next three years, aiming to deploy over $50 million in funding.

Spotlight on Innovation: Trusstor and AirWayz

The spotlight shone brightly on two exceptional companies, Trusstor and AirWayz, whose groundbreaking solutions captivated the audience and piqued the interest of a diverse group of investors. Trusstor, with its cutting-edge construction management technology, and AirWayz, a leader in autonomous drone fleet management, exemplified the caliber of innovation that Nova Gesher Ventures seeks to champion.

While Trusstor made the strategic decision to close its round with existing and institutional investors, acknowledging the over-subscription and our supportive understanding, AirWayz leveraged the event to secure a $2 million investment, underscoring the tangible impact of our initiative.

Momentum in Miami: Building Strategic Partnerships

The enthusiasm and engagement from Miami’s tech and investment community were palpable. Our vision resonated deeply, attracting interest from prominent organizations keen to support and participate in our journey. The collaborative spirit of Miami is instrumental in our mission, reinforcing the city’s status as the premier gateway for Israeli tech companies eyeing expansion into the Americas.

A Diverse Coalition of Stakeholders

The event drew a wide array of stakeholders, from angel investors to venture capitalists and financial institutions, all united by a recognition of the unparalleled investment opportunities presented by companies like Trusstor and AirWayz. This diversity of engagement is a testament to the compelling nature of our mission and the innovative potential of the startups we support.

Gratitude and Anticipation

As we reflect on the success of our first event, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, attendees, and the broader Israeli tech community for their support and enthusiasm. The journey we’ve embarked on is not just about investment; it’s about building bridges, fostering innovation, and creating lasting impact.

The success of Trusstor and AirWayz, coupled with the strong foundation laid in Miami, fills us with optimism for the future. We look forward to continuing this journey, bringing more Israeli tech companies into the fold, and watching as they thrive and disrupt markets across the Americas.

Nova Gesher Ventures stands at the forefront of this exciting venture, ready to usher in a new era of tech innovation and collaboration. Join us as we continue to bridge worlds, innovate industries, and transform the global tech landscape.