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The LightYX system projects a comprehensive digital plan on the floor, walls or ceiling at 1/8” accuracy. This would be impossible to achieve using the best available technology of one point (maximum) at a time.


RiLBiTE is a pioneering food-tech startup focusing primarily on creating super-food meat alternatives. Our innovative technology enables the creation of meat-inspired products that are naturally rich with essential nutrients, utilizing a short, simple ingredient list. Made of only a handful of ingredients, our finished products go beyond mere replication of popular meat dishes. They are the world’s sole meat alternative with a short and simple ingredient label,
accompanied by an alluring nutritional value table naturally rich with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The technology used binds and stabilizes using liquid motion and structured heat proprietary process. It is what gives our product its unique characteristics, texture
and applicability and was approved by the Israeli Innovation Authority


A New Standard in Floating Solar
Performance and Reliability. Delivering Smart, Bankable HSATs for FPV. Supplying floating PV solar (FPV) mounting, tracking and data
processing assemblies, providing significantly higher performance, cost efficiency, and durability through our proprietary, precision engineered technology.

Connected Insurance

AI-driven Embedded Insurance for the
Connected Mobility Era. AI-Powered SaaS Insurance platform Tailored for Smart Mobility and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS); It’s advantages are in intelligent risk analysis, cost-effectiveness, smart insurance, and a market differentiator.


Scieline is an end-to-end R&D and data management Platform for the bio-tech industry. It includes applications for project management, smart R&D lab operation, and experimental data results. It’s not only for Biotech, but also for Pharma, Specialty Chemistry, and Food & Beverage companies. It provides shortened processes, improving DOE capability, decrease in inaccurate data, efficient team and lab communication, optimized operations, improved ability to conduct more in-depth analysis. Directly & proactively impacting R&D, not after.


Trusstor is a construction operations platform bringing together a zero-intrusion IoT solution with advanced
oversight, reporting and analysis capabilities to enable one single source of truth of how a build site is, and should be, performing. empower builders to instantly cut costs, optimize efficiency and raise safety standards, through knowledgeable-than-ever decision making, real-time crisis control and daily on-site problem solving – at all levels, with maximum speed.


World’s First Centralized Leasing OS for Owners & Operators. Redefining leasing through end-to-end automation & self-served renter experience. It’s changing the way apartments are rented by streamlining renter experience and maximizing efficiency for owners. It’s a renter journey reimagined; from marketing automation, dynamic pricing, AI leasing assistant, self-touring, and lead CRM.. It provides real-time bird’s-eye view of leasing performance, entire property journey tracked digitally, and provides analytics and actionable insights.


The World’s First AI-Based Dynamic UTM, Enabling large-scale commercial drone flights in urban airspace. Unleashing the commercial drone era: Unmanned Traffic Management System. Scaled and safe. A UTM solution for economic use of the sky – focus on
profitable flights of multi drones in urban & complex environment. It provides real-time capacity management, multi-fleet coordination, coexistence with manned aviation, full compliance with regulations.