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Scieline is an end-to-end R&D and data management Platform for the bio-tech industry. It includes applications for project management, smart R&D lab operation, and experimental data results. It’s not only for Biotech, but also for Pharma, Specialty Chemistry, and Food & Beverage companies. It provides shortened processes, improving DOE capability, decrease in inaccurate data, efficient team and lab communication, optimized operations, improved ability to conduct more in-depth analysis. Directly & proactively impacting R&D, not after.


World’s First Centralized Leasing OS for Owners & Operators. Redefining leasing through end-to-end automation & self-served renter experience. It’s changing the way apartments are rented by streamlining renter experience and maximizing efficiency for owners. It’s a renter journey reimagined; from marketing automation, dynamic pricing, AI leasing assistant, self-touring, and lead CRM.. It provides real-time bird’s-eye view of leasing performance, entire property journey tracked digitally, and provides analytics and actionable insights.